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School of Education

Advanced Graduate Certificate Program

为校级和区级管理人员提供高级研究生证书, 以及信仰机构和其他教育机构的领导者

Enhance Your Leadership Skills

Our Advanced Graduate Certificate Program allows you to enhance your skills as a leader in additional areas of a learning organization. The value of being an expert in multiple areas will provide you with higher marketability due to your additional expertise. 注册我们的高级研究生证书课程也允许您最多申请9个单元到我们的 Ed.D. in Leadership degree.

Advanced Graduate Certificates

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About the School of Education at Concordia

Instill a love for learning in every student

培养专业教育工作者一直是教育学院的核心. 我们为那些想要体验成长和激发好奇心的人提供了一条途径. 在这里,你们将在今天的世界中茁壮成长,并塑造明天的世界.

Tuition & Financial Aid

康考迪亚大学欧文分校高级研究生证书课程不参加 Title IV Federal Financial Aid programs. 高级研究生证书课程的学生可以申请一个 private alternative loan.

Tuition/Fee Cost
Non-refundable Application Fee: Domestic $50
Non-refundable Application Fee: International $150
Graduation Fee graduation fee
Cost per Unit $1046/unit
Student Service Fee per Semester $200
*上述估计费用不包括教科书和资料的费用, 一台电脑和包括网络摄像头在内的配件的费用, dissertation related costs, 以及通常与博士项目相关的其他费用,比如学术奖章.
**Students enrolled or planning to enroll in a certificate program at Concordia University can apply for a private alternative loan. Concordia University Certificate Program does not participate in Title IV Federal Financial Aid programs.

*This is an estimate. 实际成本取决于货币汇率的市场波动和实际成本

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Requirements for Admission

Candidates are eligible to enroll in the Advanced Graduate Certificate Program as a standalone program if they hold either of the following types of degrees as a requirement for admission.

  • Doctoral Degree
    • 必须持有认可大学教育学或相关领域的博士学位, college, or seminary
    • 入学条件:博士学位正式成绩单

高级研究生证书课程的候选人必须完成所有课程 Ed.D. admission requirements for consideration into the Ed.D. Leadership program.

  • Master's Degree
    • 必须持有认可大学教育或相关领域的硕士学位, college, or seminary
    • Admission requirements: Master's degree official transcript; cumulative GPA: 3.50 or above

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