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Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Concordia University 欧文

The ‘MB8’: How Eight MBA Students Formed a Special Bond

Take Charge of Your Future

New Concentration: Sports Business

Many of our MBA students know at the outset that they have what it takes to become successful business leaders or entrepreneurs. They’re just not sure how to harness it. What they need is direction from someone who’s been there, to help develop and bring their gifts to fruition. That’s where we come in. At Concordia University 欧文, our MBA program has a history of coming alongside such students, regardless of life stage or occupation.

This is a program that will help you explore and refine your talents. Whether you want to advance in an established firm or leap into your own startup, you’ll learn ways to make it happen. Our flexible and face-to-face program allows you to immediately start applying your education by concentrating on the practical side of business, without ignoring management theory.

Most importantly, you will discover a cooperative and collaborative environment in our classrooms. Students develop bonds that help advance and last throughout your career. And Concordia MBA professors teach from experience. 事实上, when they’re not in the classroom, many are running successful businesses of their own throughout Orange County and the greater Los Angeles area. You will learn from instructors who want to share their insights by mentoring the next class of emerging business talent. They're here to help prepare and equip you for your career path, wherever it leads.

6 Yearly 开始日期s
$950 成本 per Unit
18-24 Months Completion Time


Learn from 经验

It’s the people that make the program. Our hand-picked Faculty are experienced and qualified professionals from Southern California’s thriving business economy. Their mission is to share their knowledge about what makes business leaders successful. Our emphasis on accessible mentorship means our professors are looking to actively align with your business goals and pursuits. They want to unlock your potential.



经验: 梅根·威廉姆斯 is currently working as Senior Project Manager for General Electric (GE) Healthcare. She is an experienced project leader with a proven track record of leading successful clinical projects, technology projects, product development initiatives to improve patient care.
Megan has extensive experience managing large scale projects pertaining to complex mergers and acquisitions, strategy and innovation/technology. 另外, Megan has expertise in setting up project management offices and leading global virtual teams. She is passionate about mentoring young professionals and is honored to serve as a Concordia University 欧文 MHA 顾问y board member.
教育: MBA from Concordia University, 欧文, B.A. from University of California, 欧文
课程: Project Management



经验: Digital Media Strategist at Pacific Life; 10+ years in social media and digital 市场营销 strategy
教育: M.B.A., Concordia University 欧文; B.A. Mass Communication, Concordia University 欧文; M.S. Candidate in Digital Media Management at USC
课程: Digital 3月keting, 3月keting Communications



经验: 马特·韦斯 is a data scientist at 脸谱网, helping lead product analytics in their Reality Labs division. Matt’s work spans across many products and features as he helps development of the company’s AI assistant. 在此之前, Matt was the head of business intelligence at In-N-Out Burger, developing the company's data strategy, building innovative reporting, crafting impactful analyses, assisting with other wide-reaching initiatives. Additional experience includes leadership roles in analytics at Blizzard Entertainment and Taco Bell, with focuses on 市场营销, product engagement, sales optimization.
教育: MBA at the University of California, 欧文, BA in Economics at the University of California, 圣克鲁斯
课程: Data Analytics

Laszlo Zoltany

Laszlo Zoltany

经验: Controller and Finance Manager
教育: Controller and Finance Manager

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Illuminating 指导 Program

A sounding board, 企业教练, 提倡, 顾问, 连接器, voice of reason, role model – your mentor sheds light on the path ahead. By being matched to mentors in your field of interest, you gain invaluable guidance that equips you for the pathway ahead. The Illuminating 指导 Program is a unique opportunity offered to MBA students in our School of Business & Economics that allows you to work one-on-one with a mentor for two semesters throughout the course of your time in the program.


Make Key 连接ions

Harnessing your potential for leadership occurs through every aspect of the Concordia MBA experience where personal interaction is a key to growth. Your shared experiences with students, Faculty, Alumni can become a catalyst for synthesizing new perspectives and extending your professional network in LA and Orange counties.

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Six 开始日期s Per Year

The MBA at Concordia University 欧文 offers six start dates throughout the year so as a working professional, you can make it work with your schedule. 课程 are offered Monday-Thursday evenings, with some Elective courses also available on Saturdays. Choose a start date that works for you.

启动项 开始日期
2024年夏天2 2024年7月1日
2024年秋季1日 August 26, 2024
2024年秋季2日 10月ober 14, 2024
2025年春季 1月uary 6, 2025
2025年春季 2025年3月3日
For additional dates and deadlines, please view the academic calendar
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School of Business and Economics

IACBE certificaiton

As you research business schools, you may notice that some business programs are accredited by organizations with long acronyms such as AACSB, IACBE, ACBSP. What is accreditation and why does it matter? Business schools seek out accreditation to obtain quality assurance as an institution of higher learning, as well as to ensure an environment of continuous improvement. 肯考迪娅的 School of Business and Economics chose to voluntarily complete a rigorous process with the 国际 Accreditation Council for Business 教育 to evaluate the effectiveness of our business programs. You can be assured at Concordia University 欧文 our goal is your academic and occupational success.


招生 Requirements:

  1. Your official transcript showing a conferred bachelor’s degree with a minimum GPA of 2.75
  2. Current resume or vita showing 1-2 years of work experience
  3. Two current letters of recommendation
  4. A Statement of Intent
  5. A $50 nonrefundable application fee

View complete details for admissions requirements.
查看 国际 研究生 Admission Procedure for 国际 applicant information, requirements, deadlines.


No GMAT Required

We don’t believe that the GMAT is the best predictor of emerging business professionals. For this reason, we do not require students to take the GMAT exam. However, if you have completed the exam it will be taken into consideration.

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Our hill-top campus overlooks the city of 欧文 and offers a wealth of resources for your time here.

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